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Updater not working, third .....

This message was posted 25 days ago, and as not received any answer ...
I have a Sansa Express 2 GB with 01.00.15F2 firmware
I have installed the Sansa Updater 1.041
When i plug my Sansa Express, a windows say : you are in Europe (true)
and a new firmware 1.01.01 is available.
When i click on "Update now", apparently, the firmware is downloaded, bat
after waiting a while at 100%, the message : "Failed to download the required
firmware files". "Firmware update cannot continue at this time". "Please try
again later" ....
I am trying from 20 days, morning and late ... ever the same answer ...
Thanks for a quick solution.
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Re: Updater not working, third .....

Have you tried another computer and had this same error?  Or have you tried only one computer?  If you have tried the update only on one computer, try another........
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