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Re: Settings not retained?

I have noticed a considerable amount of variation in the unit's behavior with regards to resetting.  After removing one audio book and loading another, in the process recharging the unit, it didn't reset itself for several days.  I'm just curious if anyone else in the community has noticed any sort of trend with it, perhaps there's some trick that will keep the unit stable?
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Re: Settings not retained?

Hi there,
I bought my Express yesterday at bestbuy and upgraded the firmware.  Now I have the same problem.  I also cannot fast forward to the next track.  Any ideas are welcome!
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Re: Settings not retained?

I have very similar symptoms.

1. Randomly looses all settings
2. Randomly forgets which track it was playing
3. When it does remember which track, it almost always starts from the beginning of the track.

This makes listening to audiobooks quite a pain!

I have also seen this same issue reported elsewhere.

Err... Anybody from Sandisk care to comment ?
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Re: Settings not retained?

I have same weird behaviour..
They need to make an firmware up to date that will fix this !!!!
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Re: Settings not retained?

OK, let's be real here.

SanDisk didn't set this forum up to do one **bleep** thing to help users. They set it up so users could FEEL like they are being helped.

SanDisk has our money, that's all they want.