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Re: Sansa and Timex clock radio no longer play together nicely

Woo hoo!  I am much poorer, but I have two functioning clock radio/Sansa combinations!


Just received my second v2 refurb (I am now the proud possessor of *three* e280's....!) and it plays nicely with the original clock radio!  And both the refurbs were pristine - only way you can tell is the "REFURB" on the back.


I'm not terribly unhappy about the outcome (except for the money, of course), because now I have my bedroom unit, I am giving my husband the other unit for his garage (I'm copying music he likes to it as I type), and I have a dock on order to connect the original Sansa to the family room stereo, where I expect to enjoy it a great deal.  When 16G cards get cheap enough, I'm going to get one for the family room unit and get absolutely all the music I own on that one.  I also ordered a couple of spare batteries, because I want my Sansas to last forever.


I still don't know if the original will *work* with the dock, of course, but I suspect it will.  I think something in the original clock radio got set to reject that particular Sansa and was impossible to reset.  That clock radio has always been a little touchy, even before the falling out with the first Sansa.


The two refurb Sansas are newer firmware than was on the original when I bought it, but not .16a.  And I'm leaving that just the way it is, because it WORKS....!  ;->


Thanks again to everyone for your help - especially for leading me to recognize that what I wanted was a *v2*, and that if I wanted to get one (or two....!) I'd better do it *now*!