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Re: Sansa Fuze+


Marvin_Martian wrote:


JK98 wrote:


 It isn't just the time away from AC power, but having to monitor the battery life, remember to charge the battery when it is low, and leaving enough time to charge it.When it is done charging, I need to remember to disconnect the player and put it back to where I will see it and remember to take it with me when I leave.

I really don't see why this is such a chore.....I certainly don't have any problems with it.


I have the same problem as JK98 and I am using similar stop gap solutions for the short battery life of non-replaceable battery devices. A whole new battery charging market has been built because of the charging 'chore.'  I could say I don't have a problem with the built-in poly battery either as I've spent $30 on chargers that fit into cig lighters, walls, and accept AA batteries. The lack of UL listing on the USB chargers is also no problem. I've only burned one fuze out so far by a bad charger. Newegg replaced both the charger and the fuze....In the mean time I used my $14 Coby 2g with a replaceable AAA battery.  I don't have any problem with the short battery life...NOT


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Re: Sansa Fuze+

24 hour audio and 5 hour video playback is an acceptable amount and certainly not a dealbreaker for me.  And the sub-hundred dollar price is great for this newest player with a larger screen and a very nice revamped design.


Along with all the other improvements, it would have been awesome for the fuze+ to have the same 35 hours audio and 7 hours video battery life that the View has.

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Re: Sansa Fuze+

This would really be awesome if it had wifi and a browser.  I'd pay a lot more and accept thicker form factor too.

Still, this will probably be my next player. 


Will it take divx and xvid avi files directly?

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Re: Sansa Fuze+

Below is copied from slotmonsta's post it does not mention xvid or divix so probably not supported. 


The SMC is NOT required to convert videos for the Fuze+. Any video converter of your choice can be used. Here are the video file requirements for Fuze+

Video format for Fuze+

File container: *.mp4

Video CODEC: H.264/AVC Baseline Level 2.0

Bit rate: 1,000 Kbps

30 FPS

Width: 320 pixels

Height: 240 pixels

Audio CODEC: AAC version 4 LC

Bit Rate: 192 Kbps

Channels: 2 (stereo)

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Re: Sansa Fuze+

Hate to be a pooper here, but this device seems like a design combination of a Zen-ish build and a Zune-ish interface.


Despite all that . . . This thing looks good and I like it.


Here's my question.  How stable is the firmware?  This has been a never-ending issue with the original Fuze.

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Re: Sansa Fuze+

saxmaster765 wrote:


Here's my question.  How stable is the firmware?  This has been a never-ending issue with the original Fuze.



Huh?!? Are you sure you don't mean the View? The Fuze has never had a firmware problem.


But just so you know, a firmware update (01.27.02) was just posted for the Fuze+ adding some refinements & fixing a few issues that didn't make it in before the product release date.

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Re: Sansa Fuze+

When comparing the Fuze+ to Fuze, which audio functions have been added? Has the play speed option for podcasts and audiobooks been improved? Have any audio enhancements for podcasts and audiobooks been added?


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Re: Sansa Fuze+

drlucky wrote:

Below is copied from slotmonsta's post it does not mention xvid or divix so probably not supported.  


The Fuze+ is advertised to support MPEG-4 so xvid/divx shouldn't be a problem, not sure about .avi though

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Gapless Playback

So with this "gapless playback" support - what are the conditions?

i.e. Will it work with my LAME encoded MP3's which playback gapless on my Rockbox enabled iRiver H140 and Winamp etc?

(I don't have a Clip+, but I'm sure I've seen people say that gapless support on the clip+ does NOT include MP3s)

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Re: Sansa Fuze+

Question: I currently have a Fuse.  I currently have an Altec Lansing docking station for it.  Will any of the Fuse+ models still work in this docking station?  Thank you.