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Re: Sansa Fuze+ Firmware Development Team

Actually of more interest is the Designers and the QA/Test team.


Ultimately the developers only do what they're asked to do.


Someone thought long and hard about not having wrap around menus and decided NOT to implement it - i.e the designer/analyst.


Similarly someone tested the software and the product and decided that the (original) implementation of the lock function worked as expected and was "good enough" to release.


I used to working for a large software house whose software handled 100s of millions of ($,£,Euros) in business each day.


If we'd delivered software this bad to our testers we'd have been laughed at.


If we'd have delivered anything this bad to our customers, we'd have been working 24x7 until it was fixed


Anyway we all know what happened to they Cowboys - progress - technology more or less made them extinct.


Ditto bad products and tech companies who sell them.

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Re: Sansa Fuze+ Firmware Development Team

Even cowboys modernize.



No conspiracies are involved, "wraparound scrolling" has not been decided against, it just wasn't implemented in the new platform.  The new interface has many completely new features, different from the classic Sansa interface.  i believe that the wraparound would be nice- it just may have been thought of as a potentially confusing addition to the new interface, since there's quite a bit going on in that screen.


Thinking of helicopter cowboys, I couldn't resist.  Check this out!








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