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Sansa Clip Zip Firmware 01.01.20

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Firmware is the software code that powers your Clip Zip. You can think of it as the operating system.  SanDisk actively and periodically updates the capabilities, functionality, and reliability of the Firmware.  For an optimal experience with your Clip Zip, SanDisk recommends that you update your Firmware with each new release.  It’s fast, easy, and free!


SanDisk has just released firmware version 01.01.20 for the Sansa Clip Zip. Download links and the release notes are available below.


Windows Users can Connect the device in any Mode and follow the instructions below.
Mac and Linux users can connect their Clip Zip in MSC or Auto Detect mode and follow the instructions below. 
MSC mode instructions:
  • Turn on the Clip Zip
  • Navigate to Settings on the menu of the device 
  • Scroll down to System Settings
  • Scroll Down to USB Mode
  • Select MSC

 Sansa Clip Zip Firmware 01.01.20 Download and Installation instructions

Update using the Sansa Firmware Updater
For Sansa Firmware Updater - Click here to download 
Manual Firmware Update (Download and Instructions)
Manual Firmware Update (All Regions) - Click here to download
All languages are now in one firmware version. After firmware update you will need to select your Language and Region preference.
• Remove any external card from the Clip Zip before performing firmware update
• Ensure your battery is > 50% full. 
• Plug in your Sansa Clip Zip to your computer. 
• Extract the clpza.bin file from the .zip file you just downloaded into a folder on your computer.
• Once extracted, drag the file to the root directory of your Sansa Clip Zip. 
• Disconnect the Sansa Clip Zip and let the firmware update begin. 
• Once it finally finishes doing its update, it will turn itself off. 
• Turn the Clip Zip on, Select your language and region preference 
• Once its back to the main menu, head to "Settings" >"System Settings"> "Info", and verify the "Version" is now 01.01.20"x".

                    Sansa Clip Zip Firmware 01.01.20 Release Notes


This new firmware has various bug fixes, including key fixes listed below, as well as enhancements. Upon completion of the firmware upgrade, the device will turn off; power on the device to complete the upgrade process.  If the device does not initiate or complete, press & hold the Power switch for 15 seconds to reset the device and then press and hold power button again to restart. 



  • FM RDS info support for UK and EU regions

Bugs Fixed


  • Some brands and types of microSD cards are not recognized by device
  • M3U playlist display issue

Known Issues

  • Recently Added doesn’t update Rhapsody transferred tracks
  • Artist Info page doesn’t display for Rhapsody transferred tracks


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Re: Sansa Clip Zip Firmware 01.01.20

Thanks for the continuing efforts, including bug fixes.  Looking forward to trying it out!   Smiley Happy

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Re: Sansa Clip Zip Firmware 01.01.20

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When (if?) you release another update, could you fix the frequency stepping in the FM tuner for the US region? Currently, it tunes in .1 MHz increments (89.1, 89.2, 89.3, etc), when it should tune in .2 MHz increments (89.1, 89.3, 89.5, etc). Consequentially, it takes twice as long to tune manually, and even scanning (hold left or right on the pad until the tuner begins stepping automatically) for the next station is unnecessarily slow.


It's particularly puzzling to me that it behaves this way, given that:


a) the Fuze+ was the same way at launch and was later fixed through a firmware update, and

b) when the FM region is set to "World", the Zip tunes correctly for non-US stations (.05 MHz increments). I think, though I'm not sure, that this also didn't originally behave properly and was fixed with this or a previous update.


I'm surprised the Zip was released with the same "bug" the Fuze+ had at launch. I'm certainly not a programmer, but this seems like a simple fix.

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Re: Sansa Clip Zip Firmware 01.01.20

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M3U Playlist work now Perfect.


Please.increase Playlist Max Entry Limit to 2000.

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Re: Sansa Clip Zip Firmware 01.01.20

With the new firmware I get RDS informations for most of the radio stations in my hometown here in northern Germany like this station:


A few stations have a low signal and show no RDS informations.


Only one radio station has a wrong RDS name: KBQN. The right RDS name would be "OLDIE 95". Note " " between "OLDIE" and "95".  

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Re: Sansa Clip Zip Firmware 01.01.20

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While I'm glad to see the playlist, memory card compatibility and RDS problems have been fixed, I'm disappointed that the track count info and total/elapsed time was not added back to the Now Playing screen. This is basic information desired by (dare I say) most, if not all users and simply should not have been removed in the 1st place.


I can't help but think the person who made the decision to eliminate this critical information and subsequently not add it back through any of the firmware updates to this model must be a "suit" and not in touch with either the operation of the player, nor the people that use it.


Add the fact that this has been the most requested feature to bring back since the advent of the model last year, and it has not been done further disappoints me when SanDisk has in the past been very responsive to user's feedback and requests in their firmware development. I only hope this "I know what people want; they don't" attitude hasn't done SanDisk irreparable harm to SanDisk's reputation and future sales of such products.


Just my 2 cents . . . rant over. :smileytongue:

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Re: Sansa Clip Zip Firmware 01.01.20

Very much agreed that the bug fixes are great to see and appreciated (I have a microSD card that wasn't usable with the player--hope it is, now); but just sad and disappointing that basic usability features that are on most other players, including those of SanDisk, still haven't been put back on the Clip Zip:  e.g. track no/.total tracks no., and elapsed time/total time.  


One can't but wonder why they were omitted in the first place and if SanDisk had run the player by consumers during development (I can't imagine that this would not have occurred, as this is pretty standard-- but I volunteer for the future!).  Unobscured album art is pretty, but not in exchange for deleting basic playing  and use info.  In my humble (user) opinion.  

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Re: Sansa Clip Zip Firmware 01.01.20

Progress in some areas but disappointed in the the lack of the track count info/ total time elapsed issue others speak of.

I check this site everyday in hope of the new firmware. I was thrilled to see it finally out but was sadly disheartened that this simple feature was not included. Clip, clip +, and clip zip, I have them all [love them] and did not return the clip zip hoping  the fundamental part of the clip zip, eg. track count info/ total time elapsed would be eventually implemented in new firmware. 6 months of waiting and no update on this. Die hard fan of Sandisk and first time I actually feel let down. Regardless, its a great product; if I can only get the clip plus firmware on the clip zip. About to download it right now but apparantly from what I am reading, the m3u issue is resolved which is moving in the right direction.There are pretty specific requests users make for the player and while its impossible to fulfill all of them, how about fulfilling a fundamental part of an mp3 player? Been patient for a while. Not mad, just disappointed. Given the time frame of firmware updates, guess I will patiently wait  and hope  for the next update.

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Re: Sansa Clip Zip Firmware 01.01.20

Ah, the solution is in plain sight.  if you have a handy Clip, Clip+, or e200 Sansa, turn it on and start a track playing.


Tap the center button on the earlier device.  The Zip could really use this feature.


Simplicity in design, I really love that.  That brief single tap of the center button starts a "rolling" display function.  This is the missing link in the little Zip's function repertoire. One tap, and the display changes data shown.  First tap, let's drop the rating stars and show time elapsed / time remaining.  Simplicity.  When navigating through a track, those times are really, really handy.  I'd love to have this on the Zip.  Features like the cool graphic display on the Clip+ are another matter, but times would be a welcome function.


Time to take the new build for a spin.


Bob  Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Sansa Clip Zip Firmware 01.01.20

I must mention, regarding Rhapsody functionality, I am puzzled.  The Recently Added list does update with Rhapsody transferred tracks, at least it does on my target device.  I see it listed as a known issue.


As for the Artist Information display, this function is not enabled on the Clip Zip in the first place.  On previous Sansa models, the rolling alternate display mode (activated by a brief tap of the center button) allows you to roll between the current display, a parametric display, Next Track name, and Artist Information.


I have tested the Artist Information data from Rhapsody, and the earlier players are dutifully displaying it as provided by the Rhapsody client.  The album, artist, and year do display, but the cool "snippets" of information about the artist or album are missing, replaced by a wee "dot".  Don't worry, it isn't the Sansa's fault, the artist information files on the device all contain a single "dot" character as that's all we have in the info files.  The "ball's in Rhapsody's court" on this one.  Hopefully they'll fix the issue, as Artist Information is fun, I miss the feature.


Bob  Smiley Very Happy