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Music Management Software

Hello everyone.  I have just bought a Sansa Clip Zip to replace my old ipod classic which exploded.


With my ipod there wtasn't much option but to use itunes, but I don't think itunes will work with my clip zip.  What do people use for their music management with their clip zip?  I have seen a few people mention media monkey, but is that the best option?

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Re: Music Management Software

In my opinion, the best music managing program is none at all. It's not rocket science to drag & drop (or copy) files from your computer to your player. Most people with any computer experience at all move and/or copy files all the time. Music fies are no different.

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Re: Music Management Software

I agree, but make sure you set to MSC mode using clip setup menu. Repeat if you do a firmware update which will change the setting.

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Re: Music Management Software

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if u use the MSC connection then u can sync with ur music library using a software called

always sync .

u can define folder to sync on ur PC and on ur ZIP and sync.

it supports 2 way sync and 1 way. and the option to propogate deletions on the synced side.


meaning, if u downloaded a song on ur PC and placed it in ur music library. u can plug ur ZIP and sync the new files/folders to it.

the same image of folders and files will be copied to the player.


also, lets say u have downloaded on another PC copied to ur player and then came home. u can sync from ur player to ur library on the PC.


works wonderfully, its free  and saves alot of pain if u keep ur library fresh with new stuff Smiley Happy


hope this helps