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Re: Multiple M200 Devices

    After further inspection I do not have any driver details ar driver....
While running the driver update wizard it lookslike it wants to download something, but that screen only appears for a second and then it says it cannot install the device.

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Re: Multiple M200 Devices

MTP is only used for subscription services. if you are not using subscription services i would just use the devie in MSC.
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Re: Multiple M200 Devices

Hello DjKelsey, Welcome to the forums.

after reading everything, i would like for you to try this possible fix from microsoft

Installation instructions...

1.  Goto device manager, right click on the Yellow !  and pick Uninstall
2.  Disconnect the device.
3.  Install MTP Porting Kit.
4.  Reboot
5.  Once at Windows Desktop, reconnect device.
6.  Enjoy your device in MTP mode :-)

Let me know if that works for you!