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Media Converter won't add Videos

I've got an 8 Gig Fuze+. I've also got three videos of about 700 MB each. I have about 2.5 gigs remaining on my player.


I tried to add them in via Sansa Media Converter. The first one went, the second and third did not. I tried the second and third again. Nope. Second only. Third only. Double nope. Try again. Nope again. No reasons listed for why they fail.


Any idea why?

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Re: Media Converter won't add Videos

SMC has always been problematic. With the Fuze+, you're not limited to this one program though. I'd try a different video converter program. The video specs/requirements can be found here.


I haven't heard of anyone using Video4fuze with the Fuze+ yet, but it apparently worked very well with the original Fuze. You might try it. Smiley Happy

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Re: Media Converter won't add Videos

It works ok, but I would much rather find something that creates mp4 files. AVI's seem to crash the player a lot, especially long ones. I've got my five favorite movies on there, and they always used to crash... until I used mp4box to copy the steams directly into an mp4 file, whitch the Fuze+ handles just fine.

Tired of the Sansa Media Converter? Try Video4Fuze! It can create smaller videos than SMC, and is WAY more reliable!!!!

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Re: Media Converter won't add Videos

You should try another media converter to convert your video. Which format did  you want to convert to? FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate can work for it and you can edit your video in it with some enhancing features.