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Re: Locking Mechanism is Garbage. Getting refund soon

I'd be interested in what brand you purchased.


Unfortunately I am a pretty picky person, and control scheme is low on the list of my requirements, thus I am unforunately able to live with it until it is enhanced.  The former fuze was as close to the perfect player as is out there. 


1.  Cost:  I am not interested in spending several hundred dollars on a player that has no user replaceable battery.

2.  Sound Quality:  The Fuze/Clip offer superior sound reproduction and that is evident when using a nice set of buds or phones.  I purchased the Fuze+ based on the fact that sound quality had not suffered with the new hardware.

3.  Expandibility:  I won't purchase a player that won't grow as my music collection grows.  Unfortunately this rules out most DAPS currently available.  I find it almost inconceivable that the I-pod touch, which is so much more than a music player still has no memory expansion even as they tout how many non-music apps you can download and install on it.

4.  Subscription Music:  I love Rhapsody and Napster, it is a cost effective way for me to have access and explore new music.  It's weird that Netfilx continues to thrive with it's "subscription" model, but the doesn't hold true for music.  I guess MP3's are too easy to pirate.  Since I don't believe in piracy, Rhapsody gives me the best of both worlds.  With Rhapsody I can try nearly any artist/album I want with no risk.  I have found whold genres that I like that I would have never discovered.


With that all being said, I only know of ONE player that fits all four requirements, and that is the Fuze/Clip family.


If anyone knows of another product that fits all those 4 requirements let me know.

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Re: Locking Mechanism is Garbage. Getting refund soon

Same for me...

i can live with the navigation and the problems... but this  Locking Mechanism is realy Garbage. Hold play ist ok for me, but the player always unlook itself and skip to other songs, thats frustrating. I use it aslo for sport, and now i also changed back to my old player. This cant be for a player you want to use in a normal way.


I also thinking about refund the player cause of this issu.

I guess, that they never hae a firmware which solve this issu, before i guess the player hits tha wall....

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Re: Locking Mechanism is Garbage. Getting refund soon

The lock function has been redirected to the top power button with the latest firmware.  Give it a try, it works great.


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Re: Locking Mechanism is Garbage. Getting refund soon

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Thank you Bob!


i already made a update a few days before...

i will check again with the autoupdater and hopefully the unlock funktion is better...




... just made the update . its Firmware Version 02.36.03 and later - manual!

seems to work, nice, i will give it a try ;-)