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How to Connect HP Printer To Wifi

If you wish to connect the HP printer to a WiFi network, don’t worry as the process is quite easy. You need to go through the steps provided below to get done with the process:

  • Switch on the wireless printer
  • Press the right arrow key and then set up on the touch screen
  • From the setup menu, select Network
  • You will have to select Wireless Setup Wizard from the network menu to navigate available wireless routers
  • You need to select ‘Network (SSID)’ from the list
  • Now, you would have to type the WEP/WPA passphrase for the Network
  • Click on ‘Done.’
  • Now, just press ‘OK’ and get done with the process.

If you face any problem implementing the steps, you can contact HP Printer support number.

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Re: How to Connect HP Printer To Wifi

I fail to see how & why this might be useful or helpful to anyone on this forum & particularly in a board focused on MP3 players. Smiley Frustrated


Sounds more like you're testing the waters for future spam post or links. Smiley Mad