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Re: Fuze+ Video Requirements

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slotmonsta wrote:

The SMC is NOT required to convert videos for the Fuze+. Any video converter of your choice can be used. Here are the video file requirements for Fuze+


Video format for Fuze+

File container: *.mp4

Video CODEC: H.264/AVC Baseline Level 2.0

Bit rate: 1,000 Kbps


30 FPS

Width: 320 pixels

Height: 240 pixels

Audio CODEC: AAC version 4 LC

Bit Rate: 192 Kbps

Channels: 2 (stereo)


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When you say  "AVC baseline" are you talking about Profile or Level? I noticed the video that came with the Fuze+ is Level 5.1 which is high but the bitrate was very low.


I used Level 5.1, Profile: Base to encode a video that Media Converter wouldn't touch. (YouTube derived).


Encoder was Ripbot264, which left the AAC audio untouched, which Media Converter would have transcoded to MP3 as it muxes to an AVI container.. RipBot was set to mux as MP4.


 Which played just fine.