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Re: Fuze+ Feedback and Feature Request Thread

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The main thing I would like is the background options to be changed so when we select our own photos as backgrounds they're more visible, and so that they don't get replaced by album art when listening to music. Currently the only way to do this is to play the music then go to pictures, which means you can't use the skip/rewind etc functions as they no longer apply to the music.
Oh and I do find it a bit weird that to skip to the next track you can press right, or slide right to left. Personally it seems counter-intuitive to slide the opposite way.
I suppose a good function would be the option to remove the album art altogether and have just the song details in landscape mode so they can take up more of the screen and be easier to read on the fly.

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Re: Fuze+ Feedback and Feature Request Thread

After losing two Clips, I bought a fuze + for myself after buying one for my wife. She likes it a lot. I'm beginning to hate it, mostly because of the inability to create custom playlists with various artists spread out across folders. I'm looking at a touch or nano now.

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Re: Fuze+ Feedback and Feature Request Thread

Aha!  If you transfer your files in MTP mode, you can use .pla format playlists.  These are not path-specific like .m3u playlists used in MSC mode. 


When your music is organized  in folders, these can create "path" issues with the file structure.  If only computers could recognize the relationship between folders as albums in a collection...well, in MTP, this is exactly the case, since the protocol is designed to address the player as a media device.


MTP is great on a Windows platform; if you're running with a linux system or MacOS, I understand the issue there.  There are playlister utilities available to help...perhaps you could try Media Monkey.


The Fuze+ is optimal in MTP mode.  I remember the headaches encountered with the earlier Fuze (same as Clip+) when building m3u playlists.  There will be plenty of suggestions available via the search box, check the Fuze and Clip forums for them.


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Re: Fuze+ Feedback and Feature Request Thread

+1 on the recognition of the newer version of the id3 tags.


Also, for the love of all that you hold dear, PLEASE add a Play By Album option. I like to put a lot of albums on, and then play them through, a complete album at a time, but playing all of them. Now, I've got to shuffle the album, hit back until I get a song from an album close to the beginning, then turn off shuffle and hit back until I'm all the way back to song #1. Not fun, and not a good way to do it.




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Re: Fuze+ Feedback and Feature Request Thread

when in an artist from the artist menu allow us to swipe/tap left or right to get to a song list and not just list them by album.

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Re: Fuze+ Feedback and Feature Request Thread

Two weeks into owning and 8gb Fuse+ and so far I'd say "not bad".  I use my device almost exclusievly for audio books, course lectures and old time radio.  The one feature/improvement that would make the most difference is a new method for moving within a song/title when playing.  Isn't their a way to have a slider like the ipod and many other devices?  Holding down and waiting for the time to scroll forward/backward is painful when you are looking at files of 4, 6 or even 8 hours.



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Re: Fuze+ Feedback and Feature Request Thread

add an option to add complete albums to the playlist with a single click

make playlists work - even without windows

24h time format

fix crashes

folder navigation

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Re: Fuze+ Feedback and Feature Request Thread

This device is close to being my favorite mp3 player I've ever used.  Here are my suggestions for improving.


Firmware 1.32 added bookmarking for podcasts.  Unfortunately you have to press pause to create a restore point.  It should automatically create a restore point when you pause or even if you start playing something else. Also, if you go into the folder for a specific podcast, if there is a podcast bookmarked, it should automatically jump to and highlight that podcast (the one most previously bookmarked.)  I personally would like the device to bookmark any album or playlist, not just podcasts and audiobooks.  This could be a feature you could allow to be turned on/off if it is unpopular with others.


Allow mp3 (and wma/ogg/etc) audiobooks to show up in the audiobooks section like the fuze did...not as individual "books" for each track.

The touchpad can differentiate between slow and quick swipes, so there should be a way to jump to a time index in a track by sliding across the touchpad.  (I'm okay with having to go to the music/podcast/audiobooks options page to find this "skip to time index" feature.)  It takes much too long to fast forward and rewind a long track.  Alternatively, allow us to jump to a time index by choosing the time similarly to how you set the time for the device in the settings menu.


Add a "rewind 10 seconds" option for podcasts and audiobooks that can be acheived without much fuss.


With all the problems people are having with the controls, I think a simple "undo" would do wonders.  I have accidentally restarted songs/podcasts.  I want to be able to just "undo" that.  Even if it takes a few button presses to get to the "undo" feature it would make me a much happier Fuze+ user.


I'm having a problem where my ogg podcasts don't properly restore from a bookmark if the device has been cycled off and back on.  Fix this.


Add a "rebuild entire database" option so that when we drag album art to the device (as a folder.jpg) or edit a tag while the file is still on the device and it isn't recognized we can force it.

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Re: Fuze+ Feedback and Feature Request Thread

I'm just going to add the obligatory, "Just fix the **bleep** interface"... features mean NOTHING if you can't frikken' use them... period...

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Re: Fuze+ Feedback and Feature Request Thread

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I would like to have the ability to choose the thumbnail image for a video file—either by taking a snapshot during playback, or (even better) by uploading an image to the Fuze+ myself. The SMC seems to like making thumbnails out of the black intro seconds before my videos, and even when it gets an actual picture it's usually not a great frame. (And the Fuze+ won't display any thumbnails for some files, including the .mp4 files that are allegedly its preferred video format.)


And yes, I know the ".thm" files are just .jpg with a different extension… but when I tried uploading several of my own thumbnails as a test, only about half of them worked, while the other half caused the associated videos to disappear from the Videos list. Worst of all though, the very act of doing this somehow corrupted many of the other thumbnails in the Videos folder—thumbnails that I didn't even touch—causing those videos to disappear, too. (This included all of the sample videos that came pre-installed on my Fuze+, too.)