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Format sandisk sansa

Help, if i format my sandisk sansa express, then will it affect its firmware? What will be the consequences i am going to face if i format my sandisk sansa? Please post the reply. Thanks in advance...
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Re: Format sandisk sansa

My SanDisk player started to get very wierd folders and subfolders - all special character names and not looking English - even though that was the language setting.    The 200+ songs were no longer playing and only the 4 songs that I recently downloaded would play.  So after this device slowly got way out of normal, I decided to reformat it.   I first selected Restore - which restores default settings.  That did not fix anything so I did the reformat (all from within the Device under Settings --> format.   That restored all of the directories back to their original English looking names with a single MUSIC Folder.   I copied all of my songs back int that Music folder and everything was back to normal.  Don't be afraid to Format it.