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Clip Zip won't turn on

I was adding songs to the Clip Zip on my laptop, then I moved the laptop and all of a sudden the player disconnected and now it won't turn on and when I plug it into the computer it says "USB Device Not Recognized. One of the devices has malfunctioned and windows will not recognize it". 


Is it really that fragile? I move the computer and now it won't work. 

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Re: Clip Zip won't turn on

Try resetting it. Most likely that's the problem.

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Re: Clip Zip won't turn on

If you are transferring a large batch of files (songs), and the USB connection is interrupted (this can happen with a bit if dirt on one of the contacts, etc), you might have a data corruption.


Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds, release, and see if the device will restart.


Since the Clip Zip handles the USB connection and all functions directly, it's possible that the device simply froze. If it freezes, it won't establish a connection. Kind of a Catch-22, isn't it?


Try a reset, then plug in.  You should be able to resume operation.


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