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Re: Clip Zip SDXC Card Support?

gsf00001 wrote:


Now I have to see if the 6000 file limit I keep seeing is truly the limit with this revision as a reason for the 64gb (instead of existing 32gb) card is due to the number of files I have.


Glad you got it going and it's working for you. The 'official' database limit is 8,000 but it depends a lot of many variables. A lot of people we hear from actually encounter this limitation at around 5,000 in the real world.


Of course, if you use Rockbox firmware, there is no such limitation. Smiley Wink

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Re: Clip Zip SDXC Card Support?

I was thinking about using Rockbox based on some things I've read from other users, but the Rockbox site states "Rockbox runs on these players, but is incomplete, less usable or has problems that limit it to advanced users".


I have no problem with incomplete or less usable, but does it have problems that limit it to advanced uers?  I just want a simple device with a simple app (at least for what my Clip Zip is used for). 


Regarding real world usage, do people feel Rockbox on the Clip Zip is reliable and I shouldn't have problems with it (forcing me to become an "advanced" user)?


Thanks for any pros/cons or advice.

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Re: Clip Zip SDXC Card Support?

If you click on the Zip link on the front page it has a description of whats incomplete. At present, its just the sudoku plugin that hasn't been fixed for the Zip's screen size. I'll probably make the zip stable shortly.