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I am trying to find an mp3 player with a bookmarking function. What I want is a player where I can listen to Audiobook A, switch to Audiobook B, and then be able to return to where I left off in Audiobook A...and then if I want return to where I left off with Audiobook B.


FYI - I generally (almost always) listen to audiobooks where a single book is a folder with multiple mp3 files in it.


Can you tell me:


1. If the Clip Zip can do this?


2. If the Clip + do this?


3. Is one better than the other for someone like me?


4. If Sansa is not the right product for me, any other mp3 player suggestions?



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Re: Bookmarking

The Clips do this and have done so for years (in answer, again, to your 3rd thread on this same topic . . .).