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Re: Annoying Rhapsody Problem

Thanks for answering the question! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Annoying Rhapsody Problem

Man, this thing sure is strange....


Last night I got on and tried loading a couple songs, and now it's lightning fast. I think what part of the problem was that for some reason, Rhapsody had been loading songs really slowly for a while. And by that I mean when you would click on a track to play it, you would have to wait forever for the song to load and play, and then it would have to stop and catch up to the song (you know what I'm talking about, right? The little blue bar at the top of the screen) Anyway, when I got on last night, Rhapsody didn't have that problem, and still doesn't today. I have a feeling that's what was tripping the Fuze up. It would have to wait for the song to load.


And as for the playlist thing, it doesn't really matter that much, It was just that I always seem to have trouble with the Fuze and playlists.I'm just glad I can transfer some music to the device without having to wait all day for a single song.

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Re: Annoying Rhapsody Problem



Can you assist with the location to get info on how to correct the Rhapsody problem I am getting this message and can no longer download or even playback. DRM License.



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Re: Annoying Rhapsody Problem

you will need to install the latest firmware. there is a sticky at the top of the board with firmware download and installation instructions. once you ahve the latest formware installed you will need to format your fuze+ from under the settings menu on the player then reload all of your content. after that the message will not appear again.