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sandisk extreme pro usb files all missing

Have had the extree pro for about 3 months and worked fine until today.

Was able to access it fine, opened and modified an excel file and saved it.

Closed the Sandisk Secure access vault.


An hour late opened the Sandisk Secure access vault fine but there were no files in it.

one of the folders has a 42345kb file in it that appears to be encrypted that was saved a couple of weeks ago.


ran chkdsk e: from the cmd prompt

250019840 KB total disk space.
69632 KB in 18 files.
20480 KB in 20 indexes.


Anyone have an idea how to find the files?



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Re: sandisk extreme pro usb files all missing

Don't know what you did but it sure sounds like the files are gone.

Important files = Backed up files