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Re: can't boot [snip]

"Well, "kyoshi's help" just searches your system for boot loaders and then presents you with a menu which lists the various boot loaders that the "kyoshi's help" can chain load. I my case, my boot-loader was GRUB on ext4. It's a big kludge though and it's inconvenient because I had to burn "kiyoshi's help" to a DVD and then I'd boot off of the DVD and then I'd select the boot-loader for my LInux Mint install, which was in an USB slot, and then my install would be chain-booted successfully

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Jdb2, thanks for getting back with me. Now it makes more sense. Coincidentally, I've done something like that before when I was in a pinch in a slightly different situation. Anyway, given that that was the only other potential solution mentioned here outside of the remove and re-insert trick, I think I'll give up on this now and just use another drive. It looks like there's no direct solution, just workarounds like these.

Ed_P, I've done a direct install to it in the past and that didn't solve the problem, either. I really think it was just a flaw in a particular run of these drives from a few years back. I actually spent many hours on it back then thinking I was doing something wrong in the way I was installing Linux to it, and it turns out that it was just a flaw in the thumb drive itself. Smiley Sad It's all good, though. Thanks for helping to troubleshoot it.

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Re: can't boot [snip]

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You're welcome mmortal03.   But, it doesn't cost anything, or take long, to try it with new software like Easy2Boot or RMPrepUSB.  Smiley Wink

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