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What different Ultra USB 3 and Ultra Flair USB 3?

Ultra USB 3 32GB  - works perfectly with QuPac Digital Mixer A&H
Ultra Flair USB 3 64GB  - Not recognized and can not to be formatted by this device.
What differents - flash memory controller, FAT parameters or firmware?
Is it possible to replace the firmware?
I already tried to format Ultra Flair USB 3 64GB using HBUSBDisk.exe  - this does not solve the problem.
In addition the first stipulation from manufacturer (A&H) is - all the USB memory devices must be formatted by the Digital Mixer (QuPac).
All formatted by A&H mixer disks (which works well) are displayed on the computer (by R-STUDIO NETWORK) as FAT32.
For example - 2TB Western Digital:
                                         Sector Size - 512 Bytes
                                         Partition Size - 1.82 TB
Drive Control:
                                         Maximum Transfer - 64 KB
                                         I/O Unit - 512 Bytes
                                        Buffer Alignment - 4 Bytes
Physical Drive Geometry:
                                        Cylinders - 243197
                                        Tracks Per Cylinder - 255
                                        Sectors Per Track - 63
                                        Sector Size - 512 Bytes
                                        Partition Layout Sector Size - 512 Bytes
Partition Properties:
                                        Partition Type - FAT32 (LBA)
FAT Information:
                                        FAT Bits - 32
                                        Cluster Size - 32 KB
                                        First Cluster Offset - 465.64 MB
                                        Root Directory Cluster - 2
                                        First FAT Offset - 16 KB
                                        Size of One FAT Table - 232.85 MB
                                        Number of FAT Copies - 2
Even copying the FAT32 parameters from SanDisk Ultra 32 GB (that works well on Digital Mixer) does not help.
Differences detected - Firmware:
SanDisk Ultra 32GB (work well) has PMAP Firmware
SanDisk Flair 64GB (not work) has Firmware 1.00
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Re: What different Ultra USB 3 and Ultra Flair USB 3?

Standard FAT32 format only supports drives up to 32GB.  See if your QuPac Digital Mixer A&H supports the exFAT format.  Check the QuPac Digital Mixer A&H site and see if they have an upgrade.

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