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Secure Access v 1.1.19150 Not Working



I have a Cruzer drive I purchased in 2011 with Secure Access v.1.1.19150 on it.  I set it up at the time and remember my password, but when I try to run this version on my Windows 10 PC, all that happens is that a Secure Access splash screen appears for about 10 seconds, then disappears.  No error message, the program just does not run.  I have tried running as administrator as well.  I understand of course there are newer versions of Secure Access -- is there a way to install the newest version and would that work?  Otherwise, what is the solution? Thanks all for your advice.

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Re: Secure Access v 1.1.19150 Not Working

Personally I would try to find an old pc with Windows XP or Windows 7 on it and try accessing your files on it.


It's possible your pc's security is preventing Secure Access from running.

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