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Sandisk 4GB Cruzer - unknown USB device

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chip SanDisk 20-99-00121-1 S647-72006


CheckUDisk 5.3
Name: unknow device (USB0.0)
VID&PID: Vid_0000&Pid_0000
Speed: low speed


Can it be repaired?

Is there any program to reset, clear this chip?

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Re: Sandisk 4GB Cruzer - unknown USB device



first of all i do not know why you opened the drive since it voids the warranty. 


furthermore you can refresh the drives of the drive manually with the system to see if that makes it work again


if that does not help then you can test the flash drive on another pc, if there its also not detected then the drive seems to be defective and needs to be replaced



Good Luck

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