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Rescue data before formatting a memory stick?

Recently, I just have to format my Toshiba 4GB memory stick for the “Not Formatted Error”. But, in the past three months, I had stored all my files, photos and videos on this memory stick. I really want to recover them all back before I format this memory stick. Is it possible for me? Please help me rescue these files, photos and videos!

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Re: Rescue data before formatting a memory stick?

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What I suggest you try, in this sequence (and stop once when one works);


1. Reboot the pc then insert the memory stick.


2. Try the memory stick in a different pc.


3. Run CHKDSK on the memory stick.


4. Decide how important the files on the memory stick are.


a. If really important, take the memory stick to a local tech support shop and have them recover the files.


b. If you decide to format the memory stick, do a Quick format rather than a full or complete format.

   Then try one of the free recovery apps that I have recommended in other threads here.  Do NOT

   search the web for free recovery apps.  You will find hundreds but few totally free.  They will be

   free to download, free to try and $$ to actually recover files.


Good luck.  


PS This thread may help you also.

Important files = Backed up files