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32 gb cruizer glide flash drive

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i have a new digital antenna tv box which has a usb port on it to record tv like a tivo. i accidently reformatted the drive with the tv box program and now it is no longer seen by the tv box. is there a way i could reformat the drive to its factory formatting????. also now i see the original format and operating files are also gone. are those files availble online to restore the drive?

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Re: 32 gb cruizer glide flash drive



 you can simply format the drive on Fat32 or ExFat to restore the default state of the flash drive. also the default software that is stored in the flash drive is the secure access software that you can download from sandisk site direct



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Re: 32 gb cruizer glide flash drive

Hi betdy1345, it would be also nice if you can update the thread if the tip given to you worked.