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Test and rant about SanDisk SD cards, how I kinda fell for marketing tricks, and why I won’t be usin

So there’s this card by SanDisk. Up to 300MB/s read and 260MB/s write (link further in the text). Currently their most expensive card lineup. No V30, V60, V90 classification, but I’m thinking: “Hey, I’ve been using SanDisk for years, this is their most expensive card, the price is in the same range as other manufacturers’ V60 cards. It must be good.”

Seems fine and dandy. I bought 4x32GB to film @ 400Mbps (50MB/s) with my Panasonic GH5. Only to get an error that the “recording is stopped due to writing speed limitation of the card”.

So, I go to googling minimum speed and benchmarking my card.

Benchmarks: (Keep in mind all of the benchmarks were done using UHS-I USB3.0 card reader which is why all benchmarks cap at 90MB/s.)

Also, sorry for the “screenshots” I never thought I’d be writing this post so I just snapped results with my phone just to remember them.