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So SanDisk SSD PLUS 480GB Solid State Drive is on all time low on Amazon, but should I still wait be

So, here I am, sitting on my new, shiny Vega 64, X470-motherboard that should offer some futureproofing when I upgrade my still untouched Ryzen 5 2600. Observant reader might notice that im missing some important components - well, that's because I feel the prices will come down for RAM - im currently considering G.skill Ripjaws, that promise 2666mhz-clockspeed with C15. But the price, 117.90 eur or $133.8396 seems too high for two little 8GB sticks. Given how Chinas goverment is cracking down alleged price-fixing, I'd still expect the prices to come down. For powersupply, im just not sure yet. I overpaid for the GPU already, so im kind of scared of straight out burning money any more. Also M.2 storage, I will buy some of that for super fast boot times,again, after the holidays probably.

But my main point is: Should I pull the trigger on that memory deal? What are you guys doing? Are you taking the chance to replace any smaller hard-drives left in your build? Can there ever be too much memory, if it costs 70 dollars for 480GB? Or should we all wait for even cheaper SSDs?