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Sandisk Ultra 60Gb disappeared after a while

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I have a big issue with my sandisk ultra60gb - SDSSDH-060G-G25 -

Long story short, the disk boots fine, but after a time, totally disappears from the system. Even a soft reset does not make it appear again - i have to perform a cold reset.


The time when the device is powered on without failure is shorter and shorter (it took me time to figure if it was a mobo problem, a firmware one, a disk one...). One month ago, when i first experienced this problem, it was sporadic, now, it occurs after 5/10minutes max.


I tested my SSD on 4 different computers, and the behaviour is identical, although i don't boot on 3 computers. I'll contact the hardware support for the warranty.


I have 3 questions related to this:

- is it a known problem ?

- i can update my SSD firmware. mine is 362A13F0, newest is 365A13F0. But does it worth the try ? Can it correct my trouble ?  If my SSD disappears when i'll be upgrading firmware, will i void my warranty

- any tips for imaging my SSD ? I see a script-based file copy on theses forums


Last, it seems i'm not the only one. Problems similar are found here or 


Can SanDisk confirm it is a know problem ?

Thank you ! Smiley Happy


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Re: Sandisk Ultra 60Gb disappeared after a while

you can definetly try updating FW. no issues if the FW update does not work just call sandisk support and let them know what is going on. 

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Re: Sandisk Ultra 60Gb disappeared after a while

Thank you drLucky.


So i tryed to update the firmware, but it is not working (it refuses to start the update).


I also tryed a low level format and disk disappeared after 19% done (roughly 3/4 minutes).


Actually emailing SanDisk support Smiley Wink