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SSD disk known bug SAN Disk SDLKAC6M

Customer experienced a storage device down, which was caused by a known bug for firmware of SSD on the storage.


Known bug summary: Storage device goes to Down if the device is running more than 700 days without interruption. manufacturer: Micron Technology, Inc.

Cause Smiley Very Happyue to a firmware bug for SSD named "P400m"


What customer requests:


Then, customer would like us to look into and make sure if Actifio products have the same/similar/possible bug with the above case or not. Note: We assume that the


SSD is model - "SAN Disk SDLKAC6M" with 800G in this customer's machine.



Just in case, kindy cross check it and proceed investigation.


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Re: SSD disk known bug SAN Disk SDLKAC6M

this is an enterprise ssd. see link below for the enterprise forums