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Install 120SSD in Toshiba

Upgrading a Toshiba Satellite A105-4384.  It is a 166Ghz Proc with 4 GB mem.  Current O/S was Win8.


Installed SSD ( replacing a Fujitsu ) per installation sheet.  


Terrible results. At first start up normal front panel lights & DVD ( Win8 DVD ) ran for a few seconds, then nothing.


Screen black/blank.  PC appeared to shut down normally. ( Depress Pwr button for 5 sec ) Attached monitor to VGA; nothing.  Made several more attempts, same results.


Looks like PC is waiting for me to take action, I just can't see it,


Maybe bios reset??  How??


All help appreciated




Ed Henrie 

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Re: Install 120SSD in Toshiba

is your computer set to boot fro the CD drive? if the screen is black with a blinking curser that means it is not finding a startup disk. 

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Re: Install 120SSD in Toshiba

Thanks for the quick answer. 


Good news.  I figured out the trouble.  The memory chip had slipped out of its connector/socket.  When I corrected that the SSD ran and I successfully completed the U/G.  The Win8 loaded and all is well.


Again, thanks for the quick answer!  BTW, I had set the Boot seq to look for the DVD then HD.