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2TB Extreme Portable not providing accurate storage readings

Just for a 2TB Extreme Portable USB-C device, reformatted for NTFS / 4096 file allocation size on my Windows PC.  Properties show a single partition with slightly more than 1.8TB of available space - no other files at this time.  Copied 1.1TB of data and when complete I'm seeing the drive as almost full with 18.6GB remaining - when I should have close to 700GB remaining.  Have included screenshot below to show the 1.1TB total (right side) and the 1.8TB of total free space, which is showing full even though only 1.1TB is on drive.  Is drive formatted properly?  4096 is a fairly common allocation size / none of my files is under 1MB (i.e.  I don't have tons of small files).  Most files are higher resolution photographs.

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Re: 2TB Extreme Portable not providing accurate storage readings

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You know, it's a well-known problem for many years. And what I think, the trusted company like sandisk should respect themselves and create some kind of explainer videos (or animation) where they will explain everything about these "little things". Cause these "little things" mean a lot for users, right? When our company has some communicative problems with our users, we always contact with DarVideo (these guys:, and ask them to create video for this or that specific field of business. It helps a lot, I have to say.