YouTube Converter to AVI MP3 or Ogg - Simple No Software

This is the simplest way to download a YouTube Music Videos in avi format for SMC.   No extra software necessary!  Also works to convert just the music portion of the video to an mp3 or ogg file.   Easy as 1 2 3…

Steps:   Copy the YouTube video link   example:

Goto to convert and download

and that’s it,  your ready for SMC.

Here’s the step by step:

1)  Copy the link to your Video from YouTube

Youtube to VideoPlayer 1 

Goto and Paste in the YouTube link.


If you are converting wanting to convert the video then select AVI,  else

select mp3 or ogg for a music file.


I would recommend not setting these values,  let the converter handle it,

 based on the YouTube video specs. 

JUST CLICK NEXT STEP.   Advanced users can play with these to

cut down the converted file size.


A few screens will flash while its doing the conversion:  Coffee break



A few minutes later the  Conversion is done.   Time to download the file to your computer.




If you converted a Video for your Fuze, then continue with SMC and convert the AVI file using SMC to the Fuze.

If you created a mp3 or ogg music file, then you know what to do!   Right?  ^.^  (Add it to the Fuze’s Music Folder)


ps.  Advanced users please share your settings that reduce the video file size

you can also visit to convert OGG file to any of the following MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, WMA, M4A and WAV.

That’s good, but a little complicated. convert video between almost all the video/audio formats.

i think video sharer is better. also can free download online videos.

For me MelodyCan is the bestsoftware for different players. It can remove drm and convert  files to different formats. You can try it_)) 

contrary to offline software youtube flv converters I use online sites

for example: youtube video converter

it works great.

A new solution to convert YouTube to MP3 without installing software

A number of people regard YouTube as a must-visit site daily for videos of entertainment as well as education. This substantial resource has dedicated users millions of informative videos which users desire to be in whenever they go. It’s time the need of converting YouTube to MP3 format, which is compatible with most of the portable devices, increases quickly. These steps below show users a convenient way to perform this target on a free online MP3 conversion web tool.

Step 1:  Search for the favorite song from YouTube. Then you visit and input the name or the URL/link the song you want to convert into the search box.

what 1.jpg

Step 2:   Click the “Get MP3” button and wait for a few seconds to process data.

what 2 edit.jpg

Step 3: Click the “Download Track” button and enjoy your MP3 File.

  what 3.edit.jpg

The converted file can be automatically downloaded on your devices.

what 4.edit.jpg

These three steps are not very difficult to follow. The YouTube to MP3 conversion process should be simple as this site has offered. I’ love to keep all my work Short and Simple. This MP3 conversion tool has worked fine with this target. Hope to support an informative post for this topic.

Did this web tool work fine with the aim of converting YouTube to MP3?

Though you need no software to convert file, the suggestion of mine is that free converter software is always better than online tool.

I highly recommend to use Avdshare Audio Converter,which could directly extract MP3 from any AVI file.

here  is the link: