Your device does not have enough space

Just bought a Clip (2gb) … for running and excercise, perfect little lightweight player (or so I thought)… While attempting (several times) to fill my player with mp3 files, it will deliver the following message :

You device does not have enough space. Some content could not be transferred.

However, I only have 175 files on it and it says 981MB used, 967mb available… So how come it is saying that it’s full and not allowing me to continue to add files?

Any and all help with be greatly appreciated! 

Try formatting and reloading your content.

are you usnig just simple drag anddrop, or WMP?

I have tried the format and reload method… no success. I don’t know what you mean by WMP, but yes, I have just been dropping and dragging in Rhapsody. I have an ipod and only used to that in itunes. I’m willing to learn, but I guess i’m gonna need a few pointers.


WMP = Windows Media Player

Try dragging and dropping via windows explorer. Check out the how to videos (linked below) and how to drag and drop via MSC mode (can be done in MTP mode as well)

we want to take rhapsody out of the equation and see if that is what is causing the conflict.

Thanks for your help. I’ll give it some time and play around with it.

sometimes emptying the trash on the transferring computer helps, as the previous files on the mp3 player aren’t deleted until I do this.  maybe this will help you?

WMP working just fine… the Rhapsody interface is much better than WMP, but the transfer is working perfectly.