"You do not have permission to create this item."

I’ve had a Sansa clip for almost 2 years, so I am familiar with the basics.  Just bought a new Sansa Clip+ 4 GB.  I’ve been able to copy music to the Music folder, but when I try to copy a podcast to the Podcast folder, I get this message:

“XYZ could not be placed on this device. You do not have permission to create this item.”

Oddly enough, I can copy the podcast to the Music folder but I can’t copy or move it to the Podcast folder.  What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any help.

Only delete the folder on the sansa and recreate it before you copy anything to Podcasts and audiobooks folder. Someone at Sandisk made a mistake :S


@jimstein wrote:

Someone at Sandisk made a mistake :S



?  With what?

Maybe with the coding stuff I can only assume. Was the suggestion able to resolve your issue? 

Nah, the file system of the Sansa is subject to the whims of Microsoft, just as any memory device. Having “no permission” is a generic fault message you may see when a folder isn’t quite kosher from the computer’s standpoint.

I have cured issues like this by using chkdsk on the device (you must connect in MSC mode for access), regardless of whether MSC or MTP was used for transfer of files. In the latest Windows versions, the “mouseketeer” version of chkdsk is found under Properties > Tools tab> Check Volume For Errors.


I have tried deleting the troublesome folder before, and this does also work.
After deleting the folder, you’ll find that the Sansa will “Refresh Database” opon disconnect, and will build a new default folder structure, just like a lizard growing a new tail.

The “nuclear option” always works, simply format the device, which clears everything, Note that this last resort also blotzes all of your music from the device too, so be sure to have backup copies of your music to reload after formatting.

Use FAT for 2GB or less (memory capacity of your device), or FAT32 for all larger capacities. Better yet, it’s always best to use the Format command on the Sansa itself, found under System settings.

Bob :stuck_out_tongue:

I just got my Clip Zip 4gig today and had the same problem with my Audiobooks folder. I checked the Firmware to make sure it was updated and unplugged/replugged my player first. In Windows 7, I could not run Chkdsk at all but I was able to format. Since I hadn’t put anything else on yet, I wasn’t worried about losing data. After formatting I unplugged it from the computer, allowed it to do its thing (there’s a little update that happens right after you unplug) and then replugged it back in. It came back with the new folders and everything seems to be working.