Yahoo Password Can Change But Connect Still Connects?

I changed my Yahoo password, but the Sansa Connect has no problem connecting to Launchcast, even though I have a different password than when I first set up the Connect.  I guess the Connect must have a cookie that keeps it logged into Yahoo Music.

Is there a way to update the Yahoo password on the Connect without resetting the device entirely?

Here is a related FAQ from the SanDisk web site:

My Sansa Connect was lost or stolen. What should I do to stop it from accessing my Yahoo! Music and Messenger account?

Change your Yahoo! Account password and then login to Yahoo Music Jukebox. This will cause the Connect to prompt for new signin information for the Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Music Unlimited Features.

Subsequent access to any service feature will require the new signin information even if an attempt is made to cancel the signin prompt.

—so login to YMJ and then try to access either the Get More Music download or the Messenger feature on the Connect