Yahoo Email - they want me to sign up for another year

Imagine that…they sent me an email telling me how great their service is and asked me to renew.  I went online and cancelled and they forced me through 3 screens to try and convince me not to cancel.  Am I sure? Am I really, really sure?  Am I really, really certainly sure I want to cancel such a great service?

Then there was a multiple choice question as to why I would so crazy to quit. 

Hello Napster.

Yeah, I don’t think they’ve changed any of the automated systems like that in preparation for the shutdown.

I’m pretty sure they’ll just bump everyone over to Rhapsody anyway.

Yahoo used to be a much more customer service-oriented company.  But once they got past a certain number of subscribers, they started taking their customer base for granted.  Like other companies that have done the same thing … McDonald’s, most car companies, etc. … they’ll start losing business.

They all could have learned from Microsoft: they have been taking their customer base for granted since the very beginning.  Hehe.:smileyvery-happy: