XP Event log shows a 111 error In the event log

The error says RSM could not load media in drive The thumb drive is 16gb.

However the data on the drive is retrievable and I am able to copy new files to it.

I removed all my data and did a FAT32 quick format but the error still shows up.

I tried the drive in another USB and get the same error.

Is there something that can be done to stop getting the error?

The error occurs only wiith this thumb as i have a 4gn cruzer drive and i do not get the error. 

What is RSM??

It sounds like an app you have installed that’s looking for a specific type of media on the drive.  Files like music, or pictures? 

Thanks Ed.

RSM is a Misrosoft app (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2408560))

I have not installed any apps to load data to a thumb drive. 

That article also says to just ignore error. No harm done.

Strange that i do not recall getting this error before, but i do not use this thumb drive often.

It’s used to display pictures in a Frame. 

Hmmmm, Check this out.


Its saying this prob occurs on Windows Server 2003.

Cause: This error may occur when you connect a device that does not support the media ejection lock/unlock (SCSIOP_MEDIUM_REMOVAL) operation code. The error occurs because of a limitation in the Removable Storage component. Removable Storage does not expect the device to be connected, because the device does not support the media ejection lock/unlock operation code.  

Yes O-Sala, that kb article says about the same thing that the kb article i posted does.

But the both also says to contact device vendor for support.