x300s BSODs when writing large files to it

Hi everyone,

I’m reaching out to the community for a solution to my problem.

For 2 years now, I’ve been having random BSODs with the x300s 256GB SSD, whenever large files are copied/downloaded to it. It even happens when I download a game, or when the physical RAM dumps data to the Virtual Memory (Page file), causing a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT bsod. (RAM is fine, 8 passes of MEMTEST86 and a couple of hours of Prime95)

I’ve isolated to problem to the SSD and I’m looking for a way to update its firmware. However, the Sandisk utility says that I’m already running the latest firmware: X2150000.  It was a brand new ASUS laptop and the SSD and its firmware came with it.

Here are the full specs of the drive:

Model String: SanDisk SD7SB3Q256G1002
Serial Number: 150553400250
Maximum LBA: 500118192
World Wide Name: 5001B44E19438FBA

Firmware: X2150000

Is there any updated firmware out there that might fix this dreaded error ?

Thank you!

if this ssd was in the laptop when you bought it then ASUS would release any new FW. Have you checked with them to see if there is an update available?

The ssd came with the laptop, yes. No upgrades were performed whatsoever. Yet no such firmware exists on their website.

Forgive my ignorance, but isn’t the ssd manufacturer responsible for firmware upgrades ?

Thank you for replying!

actually no, when an SSD is shipped in a computer the computer manufacturer is responsible for releasing any FW update. may times there are customizations in the FW for the specific computer and all FW releases are managed and qualified by the computer manufacturer. Additionally all technical and warranty support is also handled by the computer manufacturer as per the OEM agreement. 

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