WTF? grey screen of problems.....

Alrighty, another problem.

I plugged my Fuze in to charge it and when I unplugged it, all I got was a grey screen. Now, my comp won’t recognize it and none of the controls will work. I can’t find a reset button and it’s driving me crazy! I’ve only had my Fuze for a month. There is no way it’s copping out on me now! All I have is a grey screen!

Nevermind. I reset it and it seems to be working. Weird though…

That sometimes just happens. Holding up the power button for 15-30 seconds resets it.


Same thing than Zombiecraze, but even restarting it , it gives nothing… I’ve format it too and now my computer cannot run it… It tries to find some drivers but it fails. The Update software also do not reconize my Sansa Fuse and does not appear in “My computer”. But in my Hardware list, it’s writen that there is a MTP mobile appareil, but it has a yellow sign and that’s all… I can’t do anything more…

Mebay I just need the official drivers for the Fuze… If I’m suppose to have them with the box of the product, well I don’t have it anymore… :S

And how can I get free of this white screen… is there a way to restart all the root system of the Fuze? Before formating my fuze, I updated it hoping that the white screen will be gone but it gave nothing at all…

Well… hope someone can correct my problems

Thanks a lot

Go to the yellow triangle, right-click, Uninstall. 

With the unit off, push the power switch down into Hold position to show the orange dot. Open Windows Explorer (Computer or My Computer), plug the USB into the computer, hold down the << side of the wheel and connect the USB to the Fuze. You may get a Found/Intalling New Hardware or the Fuze may just pop up in Windows Explorer.

There’s no disc to install.

The Fuze drivers are Windows basic USB drivers and the USB drivers in Windows Media Player 10 and up.  They are already in Windows.

(If you are still using WMP 9, and the Fuze is in MTP mode, then you’d need a newer Windows Media Player from–which might explain the yellow-triangle MTP device.)

But the forced connection above (HOLD/<<) goes to the generic USB driver in Windows. 

I have had my fuze for two(2) years and have never had a problem with it. I was even listening to it yesterday. But today when I turned it on, all that showed up was they white screen then it dimmed and because of my settings after ten(10) seconds the screen went black. It’s not showing up on “My Computer” or the hardwear list.

Try this.