wrong name of musician/Artist

I have a lot of records of different musicians on my 8GB fuze, and all the names of these musicians are correct. But something must be wrong with the name “Julian Bream” on one of my two records of him. When looking at the folder both records are correctly stored; but in the list of ‘interpreten’ (this is german, perhaps Artist in english) one record is shown from a musician “J”! Just the first letter! In the track-Info the Artist is also named J.

So I have this Artist listed as Julian Bream and J.

I’ve tried a lot to correct it: different ways of copying it to the fuze. I surely corrected the ID3-tag.

Has someone an idea?

Hi, I came across a useful tool called ‘AudioShell’ from Softpointer. It’s free and it adds on to Windows Explorer so that when you right-click a file and bring up the properties you get some extra tabs which enable to to edit the files metadata fields such as Album, Artist, Genre etc etc.

It help me sort out some tracks I’d ripped and transferred to my Fuze and which went into an album called ‘Unknown’. I corrected the entries and when unplugged the Fuze from the PC the entries were all correct.

Sorry, I forgot to say, that this happens on a Linux (Ubuntu).

I use EasyTAG and AudioTagTool. Both show correct Id3-Tags (Metadata).

What’s your fuze’s firmware version? If not the latest, upgrade. If you don’t want to upgrade for any reason, chech the id3 tag version used by easytag. Older firmwares didn’t like ID3v2.4.

You could also trying to re-tag all the problematic files with easytag, it will fix problematic tags automatically.

It’s the latest Version 01.02.26F.

Meanwhile I put the record on a windows pc, got the cd-information from the internet, corrected it with AudioShell (thanks MauriceUK), copied the file to the fuze - and all’s good!

So the problem must be in easyTag. Perhaps ID3v2.4 isn’t correct. AudioTagTool shows ID3v1 filled, ID3v2 ist blank. I will check it.

Thanks for help.

The Fuze can’t read ID3v1, and if ID3v2 is blank…there’s your problem.

As long as you have a Windows box available, get mp3tag. 

It can fix a whole album at once. 

Under Tools/Options/Tags/Mpegs set Write to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 and you will have no more tag troubles.

It can (Tools Auto-Numbering Wizard) add leading zeroes (01,02, 03) to track numbers (otherwise the Fuze plays, 1, 11, 12, 2, 21, 22, etc.).  It also has functions like creating tags from filenames.

Every album I rip, I open the folder with mp3tag, fix the track numbers (often a problem with albums ripped 1/12, 2/12, etc.) and save them, and the Fuze loves 'em.