wrong firmware

i have (sdcz50-032g) Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive 32GB, one day it’s firmware crashed, and I had to search and download new one, so i found firmware but when I install it, my Flash drive’s capacity become 8.08GB :expressionless:

please help me to find suitable firmware to my flash drive

This is my new flash drive information after I formated to it’s new firmware 

Description: [E:]USB Mass Storage Device(Generic Flash Disk)
Device Type: Mass Storage Device

Protocal Version: USB 2.00
Current Speed: High Speed
Max Current: 200mA

USB Device ID: VID = 058F PID = 6387
Serial Number: 46ED036C

Device Vendor: Generic
Device Name: Mass Storage
Device Revision: 010B

Manufacturer: Generic
Product Model: Flash Disk
Product Revision: 8.07

Controller Vendor: Alcor Micro
Controller Part-Number: AU6989SN/AU6989ANL [E50B] - F/W FF00
Flash ID code: ADDE94EB - Hynix H27UCG8T2BYR - 1CE/Single Channel [MLC-16K] -> Total Capacity = 8GB

What OS are you using?  Are the files shown accessible?  If so back them up as soon as you can.  How did the drive get formatted to NTFS?  Is the drive partitioned?

I’m using Windows 7 32bit
I’m can use the flash drive now, and I can format it to any file system I want, I can put files on it and delete them when ever I want.
My problem is, I need official suitable firmware for my 32 GB flash drive. Because It shows it’s capacity is 8.08 GB, even if use partition program.
Sorry I can’t explain very well, my English now that good.

Your English is fine. 

I don’t recommend journelling type drive formats for flash drives.  The extra IO makes them slower and can wear them out faster.  If you use the drive for large files exFAT is a better choice.

Nothing in your original posting indicates your flash drive is a SanDisk drive.

Description: [E:]USB Mass Storage Device(Generic Flash Disk)

Device Vendor: Generic

Manufacturer: Generic

Maybe you should talk to the source of the firmware you downloaded to see if they can help.  What was the name of the firmware you downloaded?

“Nothing in your original posting indicates your flash drive is a SanDisk drive.” because the the original firmware is crashed, and I used Unofficial firmware for my flash drive, I couldn’t find firmware for my 32GB flash drive.
I downloaded the firmware from here :

At this point all I can say is see if you can find some unoffical 32 GB firmware.

Or buy a new drive.

Can you help me find 32GB firmware

Sorry.  You have better firmware search skills than I do.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile: