Wrong file being played

I own a Sandisk Sansa Express MP3 player/USB drive. Last week I recorded an interview I did for my thesis using the drive. Unfortunately, something very strange has occurred - when I view the files using Windows Media Player, it shows the file is 47 minutes long (which matches my interview), but when I play the file, it is only 30 seconds long and is not even the same recording. Instead, it is a test recording I did when I first bought the device. 

The interview is an essential part of my thesis, and I cannot redo it. Thus, the file is a key file for me. Does anyone have any suggestions on why the device is playing the wrong file?

You can probably play it on a PC using VLC. See if that would fix the issue.

Only if the due date for the OP’s thesis has not yet passed. Please note the date on posts before you reply to them. This one is 2 months old. :wink: