Wrong date on recorded file when copied to Mac.

I have used the recording feature of my FUZE 5 times now with good results.  One thing bothers me, however.  When I copy the WAV files produced to my Macintosh, they have the wrong date.  All files are dated January 1, 1980, the default starting date for all Mac clocks.  I have set and recheck the time and date set in the FUZE and it’s fine.  Whay does this happen nd how can it be corrected???

It may have to do with the Mac. By default, the Fuze names the recorded files with the date/time stamp. To change these names to something more meaningful or descriptive, you have to do it with the re-name feature in Windows. However, doing this in MSC mode (as you have to connect to your Mac) will result in the file names NOT changing on the Fuze. You have to change or re-name them while connected in MTP mode for the ‘new’ names to stick. Something you can’t do with your Mac.

Not being a MSc user, I can’t say whether there’s a work-around or solution to this, but I’ll bet the problem is the MTP/MSC issue.

My Macintosh correctly reads date and time stamps on files produced by Windows computers, Linux Computers, Unix Computers and just about every mainframe I’ve connected to since 1985.  It also properly reads date and time information from pictures  and movies taken with over 12 different brands of cameras.  This said, EVERY recording I make with my Sanza FUZE is dated Jan 1, 1980 12:00 PM, which means the time and date is in a format that can’t be read by my Mac.

This is a FUZE problem, not a Mac problem.  Customer Service has been unable to help.  The file names assigned by the FUZE do not appear in time order, so even if I keep a list of the times and dates that recordings are made, it is impossible to incorporate the information when they are moved to my computer and renamed.  

This and the lack of a media file conversion utility for the Mac makes it very difficult for Mac users.

Any suggestions??? 

I just created a .WAV recording file and then examined the file from a PC (which is all I have here) in MSC mode, and copied the file to my hard drive.  The directory entry for the file was unusual in that it had a Date Created but not a Date Modified.  It is highly unusual in the PC world not to have a Modified date and may be the source of your problem.  It could be that the Mac is expecting the Modified Date and ignoring the Created date, which it could use if it wanted to.  I agree this is a Fuze problem–it really has not populated the FAT32 entry for the file in the usual way.  Whether that is technically a violation of FAT32 directory entry specs or not, I don’t know.

When you make a recording, the Fuze names the file mmddyy-hhmmss.WAV.  You should be able to turn that file name into a date stamp once you move the file to your Mac.  I presume some kind of script would do that, but not being a Mac expert, I’m not sure of the steps involved.