Write Protection

Anyone know if this article accounts for the write protection problems people are experiencing?


I am having this problem and I bought my Sandisk Cruzer Edge 8GB from PC World. Hardly likely its fake unless Sandisk have been supplying them with fake flash drives. 

I’ve been on the forums and there are hundreds of posts describing this issue, yet no solutions. It is a problem Sandisk should take responsibility for and develop a fix to, be it a software download or replacement unit. It’s not much worth shifting the blame onto the OS when i’m hoping you’ve produced the disk to communicate effectively with the system, without sending the disk into write-protection mode. I’m careful with my USB and always remove when its safe to do so. 

When will there be a solution?

@jthomas91 wrote:

When will there be a solution?


The only known solution is to contact SanDisk for a warranty replacement.

When will there be a solution?”

A solution, as in a fix?  As soon as a cause can be determined I suspect.  Most people simply report that they have the problem, few if any report what they have been doing with the USB drives, what OS, what machine, what location, what…  The newest possibility is they may be counterfeits.

A solution, as in what to do about the problem, see Tapeworm’s posting above.