write protected sd card

Does anyone know why i cant write anything on my micro sd card, everytime i try it says that it is write proteced. Anyone have any ideas why?

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Maybe format the card. 

If that doesn’t work, provide us with more info and maybe we can see what you’ve done and give advice on what you haven’t which may work.

What kind of Sandisk player do you have?

What are you trying to put on it and how?  Which program?  Song?   Video?  Podcasts?

Do they go on your internal memory as well as your external memory?

Make sure it’s in the device (pushed all the way in), does it show up on my computer?

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im trying to put music on if with windows media player, i dont know which sandisk player if any, and it shows up everywhere on my computer including mycomputer but anytime i attempt to put anything, music, pictures, the computer tells me that it is write protected.

@dell325 wrote:
im trying to put music on if with windows media player, i dont know which sandisk player if any, and it shows up everywhere on my computer including mycomputer but anytime i attempt to put anything, music, pictures, the computer tells me that it is write protected.

This information is key. For instance, if you have an e200 series v1 player, you can only transfer files to the card in MSC mode. You cannot ‘sync’ songs to the card with Windows Media Player in MTP mode.

If you have a Fuze though, you can. So look for the model number on the back and/or look for the firmware version in the SETTINGS > INFO screen (top line). This will help us narrow down what you’ve got to work with. You might also click the the link at the top of any page here and go directly to the Sansa store to look for your player. That won’t help with the firmware or model version number, but it’s a start.

Alternatively, you could put the card in a card ‘reader’, connect that to your computer, and transfer your files that way. Then plug the card into the player. It should see and play anything here as well as in the internal memory.

If you are loading the micro SD card using a SD card adapter, slide the lock button on the left side up to the unlock position. Some cards may still have problems with some readers. If so, cover the slide lock notch with tape and retry. If the card was previously used in a camera, phone or other device, it may have files on it that write protect it. In this case and probably a good idea anyway is to reformat it when you get the hardware lock cleared.

To Mr. Sansa Senior User.

I have read about this problem for about two hours now.  I have read where people use tape, slide the switch to the unlock position and use glue,   I have tried the tape and the slide bit and nothing works.  Today, I chatted with an HP person since my card reader is internal to my desktop and her response was to format the card.  Sounds like cisco-upgrade!  Luckily I did not because I also read where a user did that very same thing and still was unable to write to the card.  I used my son’s external card reader he got at best buy for 20 bucks and it works great.  I have also read where the internal card reader itself slides the lock switch to lock all the time so no matter how you have the lock switch going in, it is going to be locked no matter what.  That really sucks.  Does ANYONE have a bonified method of disabling the write protect on thes internal card readers?

I’ve had no experience with microSD/SDHC. I just ordered my first on ebay, a 4GB since my Connect Os 1.1.1i5023 is said to support big cards. I plan to get six 4GB and keep them in my card wallet and keep a 16GB card in the hole.

I’ve had experience with straight SD cards and with the exception of on PNY, I’lm wall2wall SanDisk from my 4 and 16 GB Cruzers to my four 2 GB general purpose (go with my portable all in one card reader/3 USB hub device) and 1 GB camera cards (one of my cameras, an izone 550 is a fair to middling 640x480 to 5mp point and shoot snapshot camera which doubles as an mp3 player but only supports 1 gb and I really don’t need bigger for the photo stuff I do so four 1’s is fine. My i739 is extensively programmable as well a point and shoot 7mp camera) Many Manufacturers recommend SanDisk and it’s been goood to me so why mess with success.  Cruzer was recommended to me by my tech ans an alternative to Carbonite, Mosy or a USB hard drive. He backs up with a lot of 2 GB stuff and he hasn’t steered me wrong in 10 years.

I had the similar problem with my Sandisk Micro SD card in a card reader with no switch.

Tried every availble software and most of the forum suggestions. Finally as somebody

suggested inserted the card in a Nokia phone and formated without any trouble. Put

the card back into the card reader and agin got error message " The card is write protected".

Tried in a diffarent card reader and every thing is fine. It was the cheap card reader problem.

So try using another card reader, it may solve the problem. cant blame Sandisk.


I own a Blackberry 9300 and i bought a  4GB microSD just to put songs on it to listen to on my blackberry.

I succefully copied 72 song yesterday onto it, but today, when i wanted to copy another son on it, it said that it was protected and couldn’t copy any more files. :( 

What do i do? 

When you are trying to access the card, do you get the “write protected” message on the phone, or when accessing the card from a reader?

Have a look at this suggestion from the knowledge base.  I regularly use SanDisk microSDHC cards with the handy SD card adaptors, and despite the presence of the little “lock” switch, I’ve never cycled the switch. There is a paragraph specific to the combination of a microSD and the adaptor.

Within the SD card adaptor is a chipset tailored to reading the microSD format.  Be sure to try cycling the switch as described, as the device needs to recognize the switch position.  It’s possible that simply flipping the switch may not change the “locked” status, try the procedure described.

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Do be sure that your phone itself somehow hasn’t locked access.