Worn power switch

Over the years and after thousands of repetitions, my fingernails have worn the power switch to a round stump without sharp edges, and it has become almost impossible to slide it in either direction.

Any crafty solutions to this? My Fuze is otherwise working perfectly, and I wouldn’t want to discard it.

The only thing I can think of is placing a small drop of epoxy on the slider switch. As it dries and becomes malleable, you might be able to use a small flat-bladed tool to mold it back to a raised ridge. It might take a couple of applications to get it to the desired height for you. Just be careful not to get the epoxy next to and/or under the switch.


Or just use a penpoint to slide the switch. That’s what I did when my nub snapped off. 

I was doing that with my old one too. Penpoint works. Just make sure that the edge is not that sharp.