Won't work

 I just got the express about a week ago.  Just this morning I was loading songs on to it.  I unplugged it.  I started it and it would either go to the logo screen or it would go the building database screen and then shut off.  Finally I reformatted and loaded the firmware.  Now the system won’t turn on at all.  It is not even recognized by my computer.

You know, I have experienced a lot of randoms errors with sansa express such as yours. Either it goes to the Logo screen or the building database screen. After that, the screen turns blank, black, zero, NONE!  am so disappointed with my sansa express and I cannot return it ):

Well, its good to know that you are not alone with these problems. 

I’m having similar problems, though I don’t know if it’s much comfort knowing others have the same problem.  Did we buy a piece of junk or can someone solve the problem  Mine seems to be that it doesn’t want to hold a charge after not being used for a couple of days.  I fully charge it but don’t use it for a couple of days and the little battery light says empty and after a song or two it goes dead.

Well, I just meant its good to know that your not alone and… sorry, it was a stupid thing to say, wasnt it?

And I to, share the same problem as you do. I fully charge it for two hours and let it rest a couple of Hours and when I turn it on, half of the batteries are dead! Just because you believe that you “turn it off”, it doesnt mean you actually turn of the whole thing! I think it works more lika a closed laptop - when you flip it down (hold down the button on the sansa express), it just puts itself into “stand by and rest and save energy mode” (it still eats batteries).  You know what I mean? Pretty hard to explain in english i say, I apologize for that.

Time to face the truth! I actually believe we bought a piece of junk. I d like to return it and get a refund but I like, tossed away all the paper to the recycle bin so I have no actually proof I have bought it. Well, I hope you have better luck with that.

Have you guys tried this?  http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=express&thread.id=1147

Also, don’t forget that you can call SanDisk and ask them to help you fix the device.  As long as you don’t physically break it or toss it in the trash, they should be able to do something for you. :slight_smile: