Won't work after loaded

I have a Cruzer Force 32gb and loaded music from my windows media player. When I plugged it into my car stereo, it tell me theirs no audio available. My Kingston works fine. So I erased the files and loaded some movies to play on my PS4, and it says no readable files. Plug it back into my laptop and it works fine with the music or movies. Am I missing something here? Both my kinston and cheap Amazon USB work as should doing either task. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Did you format the Cruzer?  What format is the Cruzer?  What format does the car radio accept?  What format does the PS4 accept.  You’ll have ot check the User Manual for those devices or check their specs online.

1 is the Sandisk Cruzer Force 32gb and the other is a Sandisk Cruzer Slider 128gb. Both formatted in exFat. And both my Pioneer head unit and PS4 except that format. Neither are working. Any useful info please.

The 128 GB drive was formatted as exFAT at the factory.  The 32 GB drive was formatted as FAT32 at the factory.

Does the PS4 issue either of these msgs?  “The USB storage device cannot be used. The files system is not supported”  or “The USB storage device is not connected”