wont turn on

I got a sansa clip from my sister for my birthday and it wont turn on even though i fully charged it

Did it work for your sister before she gave it to you?

What version of Clip is it; Original, Plus, or Zip?

Does it power up when connected to the computer?

Have you tried resetting it (pressing and holding the power button for 20-30 secs.)?

And do be sure that you have removed the screen protective sticker from the face of the player, over the screen.  

Good catch there Miikerman. I was just assuming it was used. If indeed it was new, the screen protector may in fact be a possibility. :wink:

I’m starting to get the feeling that the screen protector is more trouble than it is worth.  Or that it needs to be redesigned to be less “life-like.”

Having had the same issues with the sceeen patch, it could easily be resolved by being mentioned in the first line of the instruction leaflet that comes with the clip. It would also help if the leaflet mentioned the volume control on the side of the unit as this is not mentioned either.

There are literally thousands (if not millions) of instances where these films are used on glass, plastic, display screens, high luster veneers, or any product surface that could be scratched in the manufacturing or pacakging/shipping process and they have been used now for decades.

Is it really necessary to dumb down instructions, manuals, quick-start guides or point to it and say “Remove this first before using”?

It appears common sense is not that common of an attribute any more. :confounded:

Off course it is common sense if you have come acroos this before- if you havent, then it can be an issue and I cannot see how stating this in the instructions can be deemed to be dumbing them down.  For example the current instruction leaflet states under the Lets Play section, item 2 "Turn it on "?.  Is the fact that the volume slider is not shown in the instruction leaflet also dumbing it down?

The fact that some people have had difficulty, whether or not it is common sense to others, should suggest that a small amendment to the instructions would resolve this for all users.  No level of start up knowledge should be assumed.

The majority of screen or other protectors are clear film that could be left in place if one so desires. Some are a challenge to remove but that is another topic.

Personally, I would love a totally clear screen protector when one buys the player, so one can just leave it in place and enjoy the additional protection. :slight_smile: