wont turn on/realy hot

i was putting a video on my sansa fuze when my computer froze so i restarted my computer while it was still connected and when i try 2 turn on my sansa fuze nothing happens and when i plug it in all it does is get realy hot 

With the Fuze unplugged, slide the power switch up to the oN position and HOLD it there for 15 seconds, then release.

This will reset the device.  Then try powering it up normally.

It should perform normally at this point, but if not, especially if overheating, call 1-866-SANDISK for a replacement, or exchange it at the place of purchase for another.

Bob  :wink:

still not working

its fried. hope u kept your receipt. if not call sansa like da guru said. sandisk cs reps are great to work with. wish the DMV can be like them


it worked